Popular Types of Parking Lot Line Marking Paints

If you want to enter the road marking business, the chances are high that you will not go straight into marking street roads, major highways, or airport runways. However, it does not mean there are no opportunities for startup line marking businesses like yours. All you have to do is know which projects to go after, and the best place to start is to mark car parks. Residential and commercial parking lots offer the perfect opportunity to learn your trade before scaling up. Part of the learning curve involves understanding the different types of paints and their unique characteristics. The knowledge helps match the right paint to a suitable application.

Water-Based Line Marking Paint

The first and most common line marking paints used by startups are water-based paint. One key characteristic of water-based line marking paint is its high visibility. The property makes it the perfect paint for marking parking lots used at night, such as in 24-hour malls. Moreover, you can add glass beads into water-based paints for increased reflectivity. Notably, water-based paints with glass beads are often used in parking lots with poor lighting, such as underground parking. Additionally, water-based paints come in various colours, allowing you to customise parking lot lines depending on a client's taste and preferences. The best part is that water-based line marking paint is eco-friendly, a property you can leverage to promote your startup.

Bio-Renewable Paints

VOC (volatile organic compound) solvent-based paints have been used to mark lines for a long time but with strict regulations by the government. The reason is that VOC solvent-based paint contains dangerous chemicals that harm the environment. Thus, VOC paint is banned in enclosed spaces like underground parking lots. Today, line-marking contractors use bio-renewable paints as an alternative to VOC solvent-based paints. As their name implies, the formulations in bio-renewable paints primarily consist of biodegradable materials. It ensures the paints are eco-friendly and offers a sustainable option for marking indoor parking lots. Moreover, biorenewable paints last longer than VOC solvent-based paints. Thus, they are ideal for high traffic areas such as commercial parking lots.

Thermoplastic Paint

Thermoplastic paint is probably the king of line marking paints. It is the most favoured by contractors because of its durability and reflectivity. Its longevity stems from its impervious property, meaning that spills and UV rays cannot penetrate the paint layer and cause deterioration. Thus, you can use thermoplastic paints to mark high-traffic parking lots and those exposed to harsh weather conditions. Besides, thermoplastic paints have a quick set time and dry in about 3 minutes after application.

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