5 Reasons to Paint Your Home's Interior

Paint can work magic in the home, instantly giving any room a total makeover. The following are some signs that you need to repaint your home's interior.

1. Dated Colours

One of the most common reasons for repainting is that the colours are simply dated and no longer fit the current fashion or your home's style. Interior paint provides an almost instant improvement to your home, making it feel new again and providing a clean state for styling and decorating. You can repaint just the plaster, or you can really update your look by changing the colours of baseboards, ceilings and interior trims.

2. Worn Finish

Old paint can begin to wear thin or flake off over time. This is due to air moisture and the basic breaking down of the paint. High-traffic areas, such as near doorways and walls at child-level are the most prone to wear and flaking, simply because they are higher-touch surfaces. Painting covers the wear and breathes new life into the walls.

3. Stubborn Dirt

Walls will become soiled over time. Grime and skin oils from hands, dust, cooking oils and a plethora of other things can lead to dirt build-up. Cleaning works for a time, but eventually, the dirt can lead to stains that are integrated permanently into the paint. This affects the colour and simply looks dingy. Painting can fix the problem, although a good primer must first be used to seal in any stains so they do not bleed through the new paint can affect its colour and appearance.

4. Water Stains

Water stains from leaks or salt damp can leave yellow or brown discoloured spots on your walls and ceilings. Painting with a primer to seal in the stains and then adding colour makes it as though the water damage never occurred. Keep in mind, though, that the cause of the water staining must first be addressed so that future damage isn't a problem. Further, the wall must be completely dry before it is to be repainted.

5. Uneven Fading

Paint will fade over time, particularly in rooms that receive a lot of direct sun exposure. This fading may not be even since the sunlight won't hit all of the walls in a room equally. The result is patchy shades of the same colour. Even a single coat of paint can even out the colour and get rid of the uneven fading.

Contact a painting contractor if you are ready to refresh your home's interior.