Two Ways to Reduce the Cost of Using an Interior Painter’s Services

If you know that you would be happier with the results of redecorating your house interior if the paintwork were professionally done by an interior painter, but you're on a tight budget, here are some ways that you can reduce the cost of utilising this person's services.

Do the prep work yourself

Most interior painters will thoroughly prep any room that they are asked to paint. Their prep work may involve them using products like sugar soap to clean the walls, inserting filler into any wall cracks, sanding down rough patches and then adding masking tape to the room's edges.

Painters will normally include their fee for doing this prep work in the initial estimates they give their clients. As such, if when an interior painter gives you a quote for both prepping and painting the room, you realise you cannot afford their services, they may be able to offer a second, cheaper estimate, if you tell them that you will do the prep work.

You should note, however, that they may ask you to provide a written record of your decision to do these preparations yourself, as the thoroughness with which you do this work may affect the outcome of this professional's paintwork (for example, if you don't sand down the rough patches on the wall enough, the paint that they apply to it might accentuate these patches). However, if you are willing to take this risk and are determined to do this work as well as you can, this could be a good way to make use of the painter's services without overspending.

Purchasing economy paint instead of having them use trade paint

Most interior painters use trade paint to decorate their clients' homes, as this type of paint produces reliably uniform, opaque and smooth results. If this is the case with the painter you would like to hire, but whose services you cannot quite afford, you may be able to hire them if you provide them with economy paint instead.

Due to the painter's expertise, you should still find that the paintwork looks satisfactory, even if they use this cheaper product. However, they may take a bit longer to paint the room, as they may need to apply this lower-quality paint more slowly and may have to go over certain spots several times in order to achieve a good finish. It should also be noted that the paintwork may need to be redone a little sooner than it would do if you were to have them use trade paint. If you're ok with getting the room repainted in, for example, a couple of years, then this is an easy way to ensure you can afford to use this professional's service.

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