How You Can Get A Better Price From Your Painting Contractor

Painters consider several factors, including the size of the job, when preparing a quote for painting services. With some tricks and pointers, you may be able to spend less on your project, and these include the following.

Shop Around

Ask for and compare quotes from different painters. Disparities should come as no surprise as pricing policies vary among different painting contractors. As long as you are confident that the painters will deliver quality work, you can choose the company offering rates that are a close match for your budget.

Reduce the Prep Time

If your painters are charging you by the hour, then you should make good on any opportunity to reduce these billable hours. A good example of how you can do this is by clearing away or otherwise covering furniture and other articles. If you have wall hangings and decorations, then ensure you take them down and put them away before the painters arrive. Doing these tasks take time, and if you were to leave it to the painters, it would certainly show when it is time to pay for their services.

Avoid the Busy Season

Painters, like other service providers, also have slow seasons. You are more than likely to pay more if you schedule your painting job for when demand is high and the painting contractors are busiest. Summer and spring are usually the busiest times of the year for painters.

Additionally, if you are flexible, the painter can work on your project when another client cancels. In this case, you may be able to get a reasonable discount.

Do It All at Once

Setting up and cleaning up take time, which adds to the cost of your painting job. If you choose to have your project done in bits, then you will incur these costs every time the painters come around. On the other hand, if you can get everything done at once, you will, in all likelihood, get a better rate.

Nothing Wrong with Asking

Communication is everything. You can get a better deal if you simply ask. Some painters will be more than happy to give you a lower price if you are flexible and agree to have your job scheduled for when the painters' schedule is open. Similarly, promises of return business and referrals to friends and family can help get you that better deal.

With the highlighted tips, you can spend significantly less. Even more critical than cost-saving is the quality of workmanship you can expect from your painters.