4 Ways Upgrading and Updating Car Park Lines Can Reduce the Risk of Accidents

If your business property includes a parking area, it probably already has painted lines. However, it might well be time to update and upgrade those lines, especially since doing so can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. Here are just four reasons to make it happen.

1. Clear Up Faded Areas

You might not think your car park lines need any attention, but even minor fading can be a problem. If the lines of demarcation aren't clear all the way around your parking area, drivers will find it harder to stay in their lanes and will be more likely to dint or ding other vehicles as they park. Fading can be a particular problem when lines showing the flow of traffic are affected.

2. Provide Designated Walkways

Head to most modern malls and business areas, and you'll find the car park lines have been complemented by designated walkways for pedestrians. By providing pedestrians with a set place to walk outside the area designated for vehicles, you can increase their sense of safety. If vehicles stay in their lane and pedestrians in theirs, the chance of an accident occurring is greatly reduced. This is especially important if children are likely to use your parking area since they are often harder for drivers to see and less judicious when it comes to where they walk.

3. Add Anti-Slip Surfaces

While you're adding pedestrian walkways, it's also a good idea to use an anti-slip coating with your car park paint. As the name implies, anti-slip coatings provide superior traction. That's great for pedestrians since they will be less likely to lose their footing, especially during periods of bad weather, and any accident they might have on your property could end up being an issue you're liable for. It can even prevent cars from slipping, and, as an added bonus, it should increase the longevity of the surface beneath.

4. Improve Night-Time and Poor Weather Visibility

Maybe your old lines look fine when it's the middle of the day and there's not a cloud in the sky, but the same might not be said under different circumstances. Newer car park paints can provide higher visibility than the old paint, so they'll be clear when the sun has gone down or when the weather turns rainy, snowy, or foggy. Cars will be less likely to bump into other vehicles as they are being parked, and accidents will also be less likely since each driver will be better able to stay on their lane when the lines of demarcation are clear.

To learn more, contact a company that paints car park lines.