All You Need to Know When Painting Stucco Surfaces

Stucco is an excellent plaster material you can use to coat your walls into beautiful architectural decorations. Today, you can find stucco in two major forms. The first one is traditional stucco, comprising sand, lime and water. Secondly, you can get it in the form of modern stucco that contains cement, water and sand. You can add water lime to modern stucco composition to make it more workable and permeable. Other additives you can use include glass fibres and acrylics. You can use them to improve the structural attributes of the stucco.

Painting stucco is one of the most reliable ways of improving its structural appeal. Here is some information you need to know when painting stucco:

The Stucco Needs to Cure Properly

If you want to paint your stucco surface and get good results, you need to make sure that the stucco surface has cured well. Proper curing ensures a durable bond between the paint and the stucco surface. During the process of curing, make sure that you wet the stucco regularly to remove all the excess lime in the mixture. Applying paint immediately after you lay your stucco is a bad idea. The stucco will deteriorate fast.

The Surface Needs to Be Clean

The stucco must be clean before the application of the paint. Remove any dust, residues and grime holding onto the stucco. Failure to remove the dirt means that your paint will not adhere properly on the stucco surface. You will also end up using more paint than necessary as some paint is absorbed by the dirt and dust.

You Need to Prime

Just like concrete or wood surfaces, stucco also needs a little primer before applying the final coating of paint. Your best bet is to apply two coats of primer, allow them to dry thoroughly before following up with the final layer of paint. It is also judicious to use water-based primers instead of the oil-based ones.

Go for Several Coats

You need to know that layers of stucco settle differently on your structures. This also means that the paint will settle differently on the surface, and one coat of paint might not do the job as well as you want. Start with one layer of paint and allow it to dry as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Thereafter, follow up with two or more layers of paint spread evenly over the stucco. This guarantees a good quality on all parts of the stucco.

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