Three Ways To Make Hiring Painters Go Smoothly

Hiring professional painters is a great idea if you want smooth, well-painted walls without the effort of painting them yourself. However, it can also come with challenges. This short guide explains three simple steps you should take to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Choose Your Paint Colours And Design

Think about the type of paint, design and colours that you want in advance, so that no time is wasted with your painters. Many painters offer different brands and finishes of paint, so you should speak to your painter in advance and agree on something that suits your budget and tastes. If you're providing the paint, speak to them and make sure it is suitable. Think about the design that you want, and communicate that to your painters. For example, if you want one of your walls to have wallpaper, agree on that in advance. If you want a complex design with different colours on the same wall, let them know, as it may take longer if they have to wait for patches to dry. Good painters will be able to provide recommendations on paint, as well as an accurate estimate of time and costs.

Make Sure You're On The Same Page

You can prevent disputes and irritation with your painters by ensuring that you are on the same page about costs, time and the scope of the project. Make sure that you have a budget agreed, as well as an idea of how long it will take. Ensure that you know exactly what will happen if the project runs over in terms of time or the painters need to purchase extra paint. Be clear on what is included in that price. For example, are you expected to strip off old wallpaper or clean your walls? Find out exactly what your painters expect you to do in advance to avoid stress and wasted time on the first day.

Prepare Your Space In Advance

Your painters will be able to get started as quickly as possible if your space is adequately prepared, which will save time. Make sure you take any posters, pictures and decorations off your wall and remove any nails that have been left behind. You should also move your furniture away from the wall and out of the room if possible. If you can't move a piece of furniture out of the room, move it to the middle of the room and cover it with a sheet. However, ensure that the room is empty enough for the painters to move around easily. Many painters do provide floor coverings, but if yours don't, SFGate suggests using cardboard, newspapers or plastic sheeting to keep your carpet safe.

By making an early decision about the type and colours of paint you want to use, making sure you're in agreement with your painters about cost, time and the scope of the job and preparing your room in advance, you can make hiring painters go smoothly.